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Does Shaving Make Hair Grow Faster?

Does Shaving Make Hair Grow Faster?According to medical studies, there is no correlation between hair growth and shaving. It is simply a myth.

Natural or baby hair is soft, thin and light. Once hair is being shaved many times, it becomes sharp, blunt and coarse.

The hair follicles are buried underneath skin and the nature of follicles will not be affected by the act of shaving. However, the hair follicles can determine hair characteristics such as density, colour and rate of growth. Hair growth is related to genetic factors and influenced by hormones as well as environment.  And in many cases, virus infections and other diseases can lead to hair loss. Some people prefer to apply wax, pluck and shave to remove unwanted hair. The outcome is only that this act makes hair tips sharper and slows down hair growth appearing out of the skin, but it doesn’t slow down hair growth.

Many women have strong hormones; they always shave hair off their legs and armpits. Some of them have soft hair on their corners of their mouth. However, if the soft hair is often shaved, the hair colour and thickness will be physically changed, but the hair on those parts of the body still grows; black hair tips appear after a few days.

Many women, when they see grey hair growing, always have them dyed to a darker colour to cover the grey hair. This act can result in losing hair because the chemicals in hair dye products contains toxins and leads to a slowing down of hair growth and causes damage to the follicles. Grey hair growth is only natural due to aging, it can’t be stopped. Hair dye products in some ways can stimulate grey hair in growing.

Apparently it seems that men suffer hair loss more frequently than women. Many people drink and smoke, which speeds up hair loss and results in a bald head. Many men have very greasy hair, when they become older, the hair starts falling out and they become bald. They look to a replacement surgery to recover hair or implant hair on their scalp.

In theory, hair loss is caused by many reasons.

Health condition

Such as high fever, severe infection and cancer treatment affect hair growth. Some people suffer hair loss overnight and it might be caused extreme depression and stress.  An imbalanced dietary habit also causes hair loss. Hair follicles require steady and constant balanced nutrients to sustain hair growth; our older generations believe the colour and thickness of hair reflects our health condition. A healthy head of hair is shiny, moisture and grows steadily, and hair replacement happens regularly.

Genetic factor

The amount of hormones generated varies from person to person. Hormones control and stimulate hair growth. Even some women have very thick hair on their arms, legs, armpits and mouth and they shave those areas frequently. Contrary to this, some men have thin hair growth, they only shave themselves every second day of the week.

Hormonal change

After women have given birth, for the first couple of months they also find hairs in their comb or brush which is caused by hormonal changes. This symptom normally lasts for several months then disappears.

Anti-pregnancy pills

Some women have a genetic deficiency and lose hair if they take anti-pregnancy pills. In that case, they must take care and consult their doctor first.

All in all, shaving doesn’t make hair grow faster, our hormones stimulate and control hair growth; hormone level is genetically born. Only one thing we can do in our life is to take care of our hair and avoid any external damage as well as control our diet and maintain our health condition to keep our hair growing.

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