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Does Olive Oil Make Your Hair Grow?

Does olive oil make your hair grow?Many people admire a head full of shiny, moisture-rich and thick hair. However when years go by, hair loss happens. If we suffer some illness and take medication, those changes accelerate hair loss. Many people are keen on using olive oil to protect their hairs moisture and texture and also wonder if olive oil could work as an aid to make their hair grow. Unfortunately, there is no scientific evidence proving this effect, but olive oil does prevent our hair from breaking and sustains moisture; it is really a trustful home and natural remedy.

The relation between hair follicles and hair growth

As we know, the hair follicles determine hair thickness, colour and rate of growth and hormones influences hair growth. The follicle formation begins before birth; therefore no more follicles are formed after birth.  We lose hair ranging from 50 – 100 daily. The amount of sebum is the culprit of slowing down hair growth. In addition to this, a poor diet also leads to hair growth slowing down then resulting in hair thinning.

How olive oil works on hair protection

Olive oil contains many essential vitamins and nutrients and it can be applied to our hair to sustain moisture and shine. In the meantime, hair absorbs nutrients from olive oil to maintain hairs texture. As such, hair texture is enhanced and strengthened resulting in hair loss being rare. Once the symptom of hair loss slows down, replacement hair grows, which leads to our hair looking thicker.

Olive Oil Therapy

As olive oil is rich in nutrients and vitamins so it can be applied daily before bedtime. Apply several drops of olive oil on your hair, massage and rub it into the scalp and then the head is covered by a hair cover during the night. The next morning, shampoo the olive oil out and apply conditioner to protect hair from environmental changes during the day. This therapy might cease sebum build up so as to stop or slow down hair growth.

Apart from applying olive oil onto your scalp, you can also make mixtures of olive oil with other fruits juice, such as lemon, apple or with plant flower essences such as roses, rosemary or peppermint. Those natural flower essences contain abundant nutrients, just like shampoo made with those elements, but homemade shampoo is organic and rich in nutrients. The application of the mixture really helps us sustain and maintain hair moisture and texture.


Olive oil seems to help keep hair staying thicker and gives the appearance of a head full of hair. Actually, we can eat olive oil as well and it has the same effect on our hair. Moreover, we also should consider our diet. A healthy diet also maintains our hair in a healthy condition.

Overall, although olive oil is commonly applied as a natural home remedy to maintain our hairs healthy condition, it has not yet been proven that it has a significant effect aiding hair growth. To say the least, it doesn’t damage our hair; hence it can be still considered as a remedy.

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