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7 Best Curling Wand Irons for All Hair Types

Have you exclaimed that you’re having a bad hair day? It’s true, your hair says a lot about you. Hair is part of the package that others judge when they meet you. Some quick tricks can enhance your hair’s appearance and boost your confidence. A curling wand, or iron, should always be an accessory you have on hand.

Use Bed Head’s Wave Artist to tame your frizzies turning them into silky waves. It heats within 30 seconds up to 400 degrees. The wand is 3/4 inch Tourmaline, ceramic. Ceramic heats fast and evenly and Tourmaline emits negative ions that closes the hair shaft. It creates smooth hair that lasts longer, even for your hard to curl hair.

Get curls without a hassle. Use the Kiss InstaWave Automatic curler. You hold the spinning part of the wand at a slight angle near your scalp and press the switch. The spinner catches your hair, wrapping it around the barrel. A beep will sound when it’s time to release your hair. The spinner works left or spins right. It’s a diamond ceramic wand that locks in your curl up to 420 degrees. Your curler will shut off automatically if its inactive over 90 minutes. Kiss’ iron diamond-ceramic design is wear, chemical and electrical resistant. It can withstand temperatures up to 500 degrees.

You’ll receive a heat tapered glove with Hot Tools Curly Q Nano-ceramic tapered curling iron. Nanoceramic is made of metal and nonmetallic material. It has good thermal conductivity while providing an electrical barrier. Working with the large 11/4-inch wand will produce loose or tight curls. There is a convenient indicator light and separate on/off switch. The glove fits all sizes.

Le Angelique black stick barrel curling iron holds an even heat. Its barrel is extra-long, accommodating your long hair. The handle is a comfortable grip and the long power cord swivels, giving you extra styling convenience. You’ll need your heat resistant glove because the barrel reaches a high heat. This curling wand features a regulator light and on/off button.

If your hair won’t hold a curl, try the Remington C19538 Pearl Digital Ceramic Curling Wand. It’s infused Pearl coating heats fast and offers a smooth finish. It’s a cone shaped wand resulting in natural 1½ inch curls. The barrel heats up to 410 degrees and shuts off automatically after 60 minutes. It’s swivel cord resists twisting as you curl from different angles.

Hot Tools uses 24k gold for fast even heat and recovery. Heat sensors reheat as needed, maintaining your settings up to 430 degrees. An indicator light serves as a reminder to turn the power button off. The extra-long cool tip is a comfortable grip while styling. The 2” barrel calms frizzy hair, producing lift and soft S waves.

Jose Eber Pink Curling Iron features lightweight Tourmaline ceramic, aluminum coated barrels that produce heat fast. The barrel is clipless, so you avoid crimped ends and ridges. With the aid of your styling glove, you’ll wrap your hair around the barrel and wait. Curl is as fast as 5 seconds. Then, slide the barrel from your hair.

Tame your hair in a hurry with Kiss Instawave. Jose Eber’s iron is crimp-less but you’ll need your glove. Hot Tools is fast, but Instawave is hassle free. Your frizz-free curls will last longer if you allow them to cool before you run your fingers through them.

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