Big Day Dresses You’ll Actually WANT To Wear

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A woman’s wedding day is the single most important day of her life and choosing the perfect dress is a part of that process. Eva Franco has created the Eva for Loverly collection which has some of the most exciting and versatile dresses, jumpsuits, and crop tops to make any bridesmaid look simply stunning. Whether the bride is choosing a rustic or colorful wedding with traditional lace themes or heavier jacquard fabrics Eva Franco has designed something for everyone. In today’s Hipster styles pantsuits and crop tops are becoming wedding essentials. Done away with are the traditional colors and styles, colors now range from sage to navy. The Loverly collection allows each bride to design her perfect wedding look and the bridesmaids to have an essential formal or semi-formal piece that will be perfect for other social settings.

The eight pieces from the collection are all unique and timeless in their style. The collection is made up of the Sienna Dress, Maura Jumpsuit, Auriela Dress, The Jax and Paloma Set, The Lola , The Lily and The Lucca dresses. Each outfit is purposefully designed to allow the bridesmaid to wear their outfit over and over again in many different social settings.

The Sienna dress is Cobalt blue lace over a fitted bodice and flared skirt. This dress is perfect for any style wedding. The Maura Jumpsuit with its halter top and belt tie are perfect for any casual wedding and is reusable for any social setting after the wedding. The collection also brings a rose silk X-neck back dress that is perfect for any teenager in the wedding party. The dress is whimsical and fun, bringing with it a footless and fancy free style.

The Auriela is a sexy, sophisticated elegant strapless dress with a sweetheart neckline. The bodice is covered in a Cobalt Blue Apache Lace and A line skirt has front pockets giving it a timeless though contemporary feel perfect for any occasion. The Jax and Paloma Set is a cream colored jacquard crop top and A line skirt set that is perfect for any garden party or spring wedding. The Lola is reminiscent of the 1920s style flapper dress with its tassels that hang from the hem and cap sleeves. The lavender Sheath dress is covered by a white thistle lace which makes it the perfect accent to any Scottish themed wedding. This dress is perfect for a spring wedding and is timeless in its elegance.

The Lily dress is the ultimate look of sophistication which its white sheath dress covered by an Ivory lace pullover which resembles the type of crocheting any grandmother would be proud to claim as her own. The hem has seashell scalloped edges which sit right above the knee giving it an added touch of sophistication. The Lucca Dress has a fitted bodice and flared skirt that is flattering to most figures. The dress is covered by a textured lace that makes it the perfect ensemble for a garden wedding.

5 Beautiful Bridal Braids to Rock on Your Big Day

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The dress has been picked and the make-up colors have been chosen, but what a hairstyle? The bride’s hair will help to pull her wedding outfit together. One of the hottest hairstyle trends right now is braids. Everyone from celebrities to school girls are sporting braids. One of the main reasons that braids are popular is that they are suitable for all hair types. Here are five different types of braids that would be perfect for any bride.

The princess braid

The princess braid, otherwise known as the braid-wrapped high bun, is perfect for the princess bride. The princess braid adds a little more appeal to the high bun and is easy to create. Separate the hair into three sections. Take the middle section and create the bun. Braid the remaining two sections and wrap them around the bun and secure into place. With this hair style, it will be easy for the bride to add a tiara to complete the look.

The fishtail braid

This braid gets its name from a fish because when completed, it resembles the tail section of a fish. This is a simple but elegant way for a bride to wear her hair. This braid provides the bride with many options. The braid can be worn on either side or straight down the back. The hardest part of this braid is getting it started, but after that, it is just like a French braid.

The waterfall braid

This braid is also named for its appearance. One of the great features of this braid is that long hair is not necessary. To make this braid, take a two inch section close to the part and start a traditional braid. Continuing to braiding for a couple of inches. At this point, grab a strand of hair and bring it through the braid and drop it. This is what creates the waterfall effect.

The braided chignon

The braided chignon is one of the most versatile braids. A bride can make it look sleek and elegant, or she can go with a soft and romantic look. This hairstyle can also be completed by using a fishtail braid instead of the traditional braid.

The half-up crown braid

This will create a soft, romantic look for the bride. The half-up crown is one of the easiest braided hairstyle to complete. Anyone who can braid can do this style. Flowers or other hair ornaments can easily be incorporated into this hairstyle.