How to Choose a Hair Dryer

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Your hair is one of the most iconic features of your body. It accentuates your beauty and gives you a sense of pride and confidence. This is why you should take care of your hair as much as possible. It will make you look more attractive while increasing your self-esteem at the same time. A good way of taking care of your hair is by investing in a hair dryer. How to choose a hair dryer is critical when it comes to looking after your hair. You do not want your hair to end up dull and frizzed just because you bought a bad hair dryer. Here are a couple of tips on how to choose a hair dryer.

You should consider the speed and heat settings.

Different hair types require the use of different dryers. For example, you should use low heat and speed hair dryers if you have fine or thin hair. Similarly, you should use high speed and heat settings if you have coarse or thick hair. This in fact means that you should buy a hair dryer that has adjustable heat and speed settings. Adjustable heat and speed settings are also important when it comes to removing excess moisture that may be present in your hair in addition to being useful when you want to style your hair.

You should consider the wattage levels.

A low-level wattage translates into a weak hair dryer that ends up wasting your precious time. You should make sure that the wattage levels on your dryer are as high as possible. A high wattage levels means that the dryer has an increased rate of air and heat flow. A suitable wattage for normal hair is about 1750 watts while thick hair requires a wattage level of about 1900-2000 watts.

You should consider the weight of the hair dryer.

Using a dryer is not always as easy as it seems. You can get exhausted very quickly. You should therefore invest in hair dryers that weigh less than one pound. These hair dryers will enable you to work on hair for a longer period without getting tired than heavier dryers. This is especially advisable for those who have long hair since they are more likely to spend more time on it than most people are.

You should also consider the technology used to make the dryer.

Technology comes with many advantages. You should be aware of these technologies and ensure that they are present in your dryer. For instance, ionic drying diffuse negative ions causing your hair cuticle to eliminate frizz by trapping moisture. It also eliminates any static electricity present in your hair. Hair dryers with tourmaline treated elements and ceramic heating make the heat emanating from your dryer evenly spaced out and bearable.

How to Naturally Straighten Your Hair

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Hair is arguably the most important and valuable personal asset that a woman can ever have. This is due to the reason that hair is used by women as a beauty accessory. Straightening the hair brings forth a set of advantages and useful habits that include making this great asset healthier. For starters, when working towards this straightening, it is important that you should ensure that the hair is clean and well conditioned. Secondly, you need to use the hair straighteners so as to ensure that the straightening comes about as required. Straighteners that you can use are such as:

Eggs and olive oil

Research has shown that eggs help a great deal in strengthening the hair as well as making it shine more. On the other hand, olive oil majorly works towards natural hair straightening. You only need to make a perfect mixture of 2 well beaten eggs and the right amount of olive oil. When the mixture becomes even, you should then apply the mixture on the hair. Allow the mixture about 45 minutes before washing the hair. It may take a matter of days or a few weeks before seeing permanent results.

Milk and delicious honey

A mixture of milk and delicious honey is yet another perfect hair straightener that is used for straightening hair naturally. You should prepare the mixture by considering on how much hair you need to straighten. The mixture should be paste like by using bananas so as to thicken the mixture. The best thing about bananas is that they are great hair moisturizers. Therefore, by using this mixture you not only straighten your hair but also moisturize it accordingly.

Coconut milk and lemon (fresh)

Coconut milk edges out as the best supplement to use for straightening your hair naturally. This is due to the reason that this milk has very unique nutrients that help in strengthening hair and at the same time straightening it accordingly. You should use the right proportions of the milk and fresh lemons so as to ensure that you come up with the perfect mixture. Cool the mixture in a fridge for about an hour before applying it. Further, after applying the mixture you should allow time for the hair to soak the mixture by wrapping a warm towel on your head.

Before working on naturally straightening your hair, it is important to ensure that the hair is dry. This is so as to make it easy for the straightening to come about easily. This also helps a great deal in strengthening the hair so as to make it firmer.

Curling Iron: 4 Factors You Must Consider Before Buying

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Your hair is very essential as far as your look is concerned. The way you style your hair is just a statement of who you really are. That’s the reason why styling your hair is a crucial decision you should make every other day. You can choose to wear different styles of hair. However, for most women who have long hair, having natural looking curls is the most preferred way. Therefore, in connection with this, a curling iron seeks to address this very desire. They come in varying sizes and features to accommodate the type of curls a person may want. But now that you know, there are several things you need to consider when shopping for a curling iron. These include the heat settings, the kind of curl and the quality as well. So, what are these factors in question?

1 Temperature settings

Understand that hair curling irons come with a diverse temperature settings. It is essential for a user to adjust the kind of temperature they want for that particular curl they desire to have. Therefore, if you pick out an iron with the best settings in terms of temperature control, you’ll be able to achieve the best curls for your hair type.

2 Type of curl

You should have in mind the type of curl you want because different irons have their unique ways of curling your hair. Checking the size of the barrel will help you rip maximum benefits from a particular curling iron. The barrel is what determines the size of the curls. Generally, sizes range from an inch to quite a few inches.

3 The size of the curling iron

They come in different sizes and each size works differently on certain types of hair. For instance, thin hair needs a smaller size curling iron so as to achieve the perfect curl. On the other hand, thick hair needs an iron with a big barrel because it can create bigger size of curls.

4 Material

Curling irons are made from several materials. They include metal, ceramic and brush styles. Each of these have their function in respect to certain hair types. So when buying your own iron, the material in which it’s made of is very important. The ceramic ones are most favored because they are ideal for women with damaged hair. They are said to provide moisture to the hair, compared to other irons that make the hair dry. The brush style is said to be user-friendly and is ideal for women with thin hair. The metal iron makes use of steam and is also ideal for women with thin hair. Now you know about all the factors you must take into account before purchasing your ultimate hair curling iron. Look for a device that is compatible with your hair type. Remember, your hair reflects your personality.