John Frieda JFHAS Hot Air Brush

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Who doesn’t long for luxurious, thick, just stepped from the salon looking hair? Hair that is healthy, full, and shiny and reflects a radiance that glows from the inside out. I know that I desire hair that looks gorgeous no matter the occasion which is why I find the John Frieda Hot Air Brush an essential tool in my beauty routine.

Feature 1: Advanced Technology

The John Frieda Hot Air Brush is 1.5 inches in diameter for full, round waves and curls. It uses the most up to date, advanced iconic technology in order to produce 50% more ions to help ensure hair not only looks great the whole day but is also more healthy and sustains less damage.

Feature 2: Temperature Settings

The hot air brush has two heat settings plus a cool setting that enables the user to find the perfect temperature for their hair type. The lower setting allows hair to be styled with little heat while the higher temperature ensures even the most difficult hair can look salon done in no time.

Feature 3: Structure and Air Flow

The brush also has a titanium ceramic coated barrel that disperses the heat more evenly for perfect waves and curls every time it is used. In addition, it has enhanced air control that keeps hair from burning or suffering heat damage such as was experienced in previous hair care tools.

Feature 4: Cord

Lastly, the John Frieda Hot Air Brush has a swivel cord that makes using the brush easy not matter what the angle. This allows the user to reach every strand of hair from the front to the back so that hair has a professional quality look to it from every side.


1. Air flow and temperature regulation. The John Frieda Hot Air Brush has two heat settings and one cool setting. This ensures that no matter if hair needs a lot of heat or just a little, it gets what it needs to look salon sleek. The air flow, which is assisted by the enhanced air control system helps to protect hair from heat damage and ensure an evenness to the heat throughout the tool.

2. Advanced ionic technology. This hot air brush has up to 50% more ions than comparable brushes, enabling hair to be styled without suffering the damage usually associated with heat brushes and curling irons. It also helps to control frizz which can be a problem for many people.

3. The barrel of the hot air brush is coated with titanium ceramic which enables heat to be distributed evenly throughout the barrel.


Can sometimes have trouble with very thick, wavy hair when hair is wet. This can be easily remedied, however, but towel drying most of the moisture from the hair and then using the hot air brush on the hair. A dab of John Frieda mousse can help to control any frizz that remains.

The John Frieda Hot Air Brush is one of the best tools out there to create salon looking hair at home. The hot air brush can style your hair and creat the look you have been dreaming about with minimum damage to hair or problems with overstyling.

John Frieda Official Website

How to Choose a Hair Dryer

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Your hair is one of the most iconic features of your body. It accentuates your beauty and gives you a sense of pride and confidence. This is why you should take care of your hair as much as possible. It will make you look more attractive while increasing your self-esteem at the same time. A good way of taking care of your hair is by investing in a hair dryer. How to choose a hair dryer is critical when it comes to looking after your hair. You do not want your hair to end up dull and frizzed just because you bought a bad hair dryer. Here are a couple of tips on how to choose a hair dryer.

You should consider the speed and heat settings.

Different hair types require the use of different dryers. For example, you should use low heat and speed hair dryers if you have fine or thin hair. Similarly, you should use high speed and heat settings if you have coarse or thick hair. This in fact means that you should buy a hair dryer that has adjustable heat and speed settings. Adjustable heat and speed settings are also important when it comes to removing excess moisture that may be present in your hair in addition to being useful when you want to style your hair.

You should consider the wattage levels.

A low-level wattage translates into a weak hair dryer that ends up wasting your precious time. You should make sure that the wattage levels on your dryer are as high as possible. A high wattage levels means that the dryer has an increased rate of air and heat flow. A suitable wattage for normal hair is about 1750 watts while thick hair requires a wattage level of about 1900-2000 watts.

You should consider the weight of the hair dryer.

Using a dryer is not always as easy as it seems. You can get exhausted very quickly. You should therefore invest in hair dryers that weigh less than one pound. These hair dryers will enable you to work on hair for a longer period without getting tired than heavier dryers. This is especially advisable for those who have long hair since they are more likely to spend more time on it than most people are.

You should also consider the technology used to make the dryer.

Technology comes with many advantages. You should be aware of these technologies and ensure that they are present in your dryer. For instance, ionic drying diffuse negative ions causing your hair cuticle to eliminate frizz by trapping moisture. It also eliminates any static electricity present in your hair. Hair dryers with tourmaline treated elements and ceramic heating make the heat emanating from your dryer evenly spaced out and bearable.

What causes women losing their hair?

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What causes women losing their hairNearly 2/3 of women suffer hair loss at some point in their life time. The causes are attributed to heredity, medication and health condition. Although some women experience permanent hair loss, most of the causes can be treatable and in the end, the lost hair will grow back. If you are one of the women concerned about your hair loss and are expecting to find a solution to cure it, you can consult your physician to help you determine the causes and treatments.

Here is a list of possible causes resulting in hair loss in women. The list only contains some major reasons causing hair loss in women.

The first killer – Stress

Severe physical and emotional stress can cause hair loss, even worse some women suffered hair loss overnight regardless of if she generically suffers hair loss. This type of hair loss in women only lasts temporarily. Once the feeling of stress has gone, the lost hair will grow back, however it takes at least 6 months to see the signs. If a woman has the hereditary hair loss gene, the process will be accelerated even worse on top of the stress.

The severe stress includes a loss of partners, intensive sports training, severe illness, medication treatment as well as emotional stress. In the period of stress, the body is unable to provide sufficient nutrients to grow hair because the nutrients have been devoted to the healing of other body parts or the body system has shut down to produce any nutrients required for hair growth. If women want to have thick and shiny hair, they must have a peaceful mind, at least don’t stress yourselves.

The second killer- hair products

Women always love it when their hair is looking fashionable. They change their hair style from time to time, such as colouring, straightening, perming, highlighting and bleaching. All those hairdos require the application all different kinds of hair products on your hair, and all hair products are made of chemicals. They can be poisonous and damage the scalp if they are being overused or incorrectly used.  The result is the hair is permanently damaged and hair loss occurs. In order to prevent hair loss from happening, women should consider stopping use of those products, at least not as frequently as before. Start using organic hair products to rinse, wash and condition their hair so as to keep the hair coated with nutrients to preventing other damage from happening.

The third killer – diseases

Some diseases also cause hair loss, such as asthma, hay fever, early-onset diabetes and so on. The hair loss starts from the top of the scalp down to ears. The appearance is extremely awful. When the symptom occurs, at this stage, the symptom is not curable. Women have to wear a wig to cover the awful and unpleasant hair loss.

The fourth killer – oily hair

Some women also have very oily hair and dandruff, they overuse oily and dandruff prevention hair products. In a short period of time, oily and dandruff hair could be prevented from further growing, however the chemicals in the hair products are very strong and damage our scalp and result in hair loss. In this case please only pick organic hair care products. And don’t wash your hair too frequently, the hair requires coating to prevent damage from either the sun or air pollution. Apart from this cause, some symptoms can be treatable and curable. If we take care of our hair every day and take a proactive attitude to treat our hair well, eventually our hair will be shiny, elastic and moisturized.

7 Best Curling Wand Irons for All Hair Types

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Have you exclaimed that you’re having a bad hair day? It’s true, your hair says a lot about you. Hair is part of the package that others judge when they meet you. Some quick tricks can enhance your hair’s appearance and boost your confidence. A curling wand, or iron, should always be an accessory you have on hand.

Use Bed Head’s Wave Artist to tame your frizzies turning them into silky waves. It heats within 30 seconds up to 400 degrees. The wand is 3/4 inch Tourmaline, ceramic. Ceramic heats fast and evenly and Tourmaline emits negative ions that closes the hair shaft. It creates smooth hair that lasts longer, even for your hard to curl hair.

Get curls without a hassle. Use the Kiss InstaWave Automatic curler. You hold the spinning part of the wand at a slight angle near your scalp and press the switch. The spinner catches your hair, wrapping it around the barrel. A beep will sound when it’s time to release your hair. The spinner works left or spins right. It’s a diamond ceramic wand that locks in your curl up to 420 degrees. Your curler will shut off automatically if its inactive over 90 minutes. Kiss’ iron diamond-ceramic design is wear, chemical and electrical resistant. It can withstand temperatures up to 500 degrees.

You’ll receive a heat tapered glove with Hot Tools Curly Q Nano-ceramic tapered curling iron. Nanoceramic is made of metal and nonmetallic material. It has good thermal conductivity while providing an electrical barrier. Working with the large 11/4-inch wand will produce loose or tight curls. There is a convenient indicator light and separate on/off switch. The glove fits all sizes.

Le Angelique black stick barrel curling iron holds an even heat. Its barrel is extra-long, accommodating your long hair. The handle is a comfortable grip and the long power cord swivels, giving you extra styling convenience. You’ll need your heat resistant glove because the barrel reaches a high heat. This curling wand features a regulator light and on/off button.

If your hair won’t hold a curl, try the Remington C19538 Pearl Digital Ceramic Curling Wand. It’s infused Pearl coating heats fast and offers a smooth finish. It’s a cone shaped wand resulting in natural 1½ inch curls. The barrel heats up to 410 degrees and shuts off automatically after 60 minutes. It’s swivel cord resists twisting as you curl from different angles.

Hot Tools uses 24k gold for fast even heat and recovery. Heat sensors reheat as needed, maintaining your settings up to 430 degrees. An indicator light serves as a reminder to turn the power button off. The extra-long cool tip is a comfortable grip while styling. The 2” barrel calms frizzy hair, producing lift and soft S waves.

Jose Eber Pink Curling Iron features lightweight Tourmaline ceramic, aluminum coated barrels that produce heat fast. The barrel is clipless, so you avoid crimped ends and ridges. With the aid of your styling glove, you’ll wrap your hair around the barrel and wait. Curl is as fast as 5 seconds. Then, slide the barrel from your hair.

Tame your hair in a hurry with Kiss Instawave. Jose Eber’s iron is crimp-less but you’ll need your glove. Hot Tools is fast, but Instawave is hassle free. Your frizz-free curls will last longer if you allow them to cool before you run your fingers through them.

10 Tips For Growing Long Natural Hair

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Hair Type Chart – Discover Your Hair’s Texture

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Every Woman Should Have A Flat Iron Hair Straightener

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You want options in hairstyling just like any other part of your beauty routine, and thats reasonable in a time where style changes constantly and personal style is constantly on display. You wouldn’t wear shoes that clashed with the ensemble you put together, you wouldn’t pair it with makeup that wasn’t suitable to the look, and so the hairstyle too must match the look and feel of the outfit. Anyone who has ever had a good flat iron knows that you can depend on it to give you all the options of having several styling tools in one as well as the relief of consistently well styled hair, without damaging, burning, or causing dryness.

Most people don’t have the luxury of going to the salon every day, but with a good flat iron there’s no need to; they’re easy to use at home and still achieve magazine worthy hair. Like an old friend, great flat irons are cherished, last a long time, and new ones are always compared to the greatness of what you’re familiar with. So whether you’re curious about what’s new in the world of flat irons, you’re concerned that your old reliable straightener might soon burn out, or you just want to know what to consider in the event that you might need a hair straightener in the future, this is a list of the best available right now.

ISA’s Professional Flat Iron Hair Straightener has a black exterior and stylish bold red ceramic plates. It’s thin design makes it easy to maneuver when curling or waving hair or straightening it into sleek, smooth styles. Once plugged in it automatically heats up and adjusts temperatures to the texture of the hair.

The Hair Art H3000 Tourmaline Ceramic Straightening Iron is capable of straightening hair or creating curls and has a 360 degree swivel cord that makes turning the iron to curl your hair a much easier task. It also heats to the temperature you set in about fifteen seconds, meaning you don’t have to wait around for it to get hot.

Conair’s Ceramic Instant Heat Straightening Iron straightens hair and does it quickly, the tool has a turbo heat option to raise the temperature 36 degrees above the current setting to get faster results without added damage to the hair and a function that restores plate heat to optimum temperature so each time you style your hair you’ll get consistent results.

The Salona Professional Titanium Flat Iron uses titanium coated plates for smooth curly or straight styles and has an easy to read LCD temperature display and an auto off feature so it won’t over heat or cause any trouble should you forget to turn it off.

MHD’s 1 Inch Professional Titanium Floating Plate Negative Ionic Technology Straightening Flat Iron creates smooth straight styles and eliminates frizz. It’s titanium plates lock in moisture and preserve colorful healthy great looking hair . It features an auto shut off function, is lightweight and designed to be easy to handle.

These are some examples of flat iron straighteners on the market right now and popular features they employ to create sleek and versatile styles for all hair types. Their features and design vary and so much choice can be daunting, but the decision is made easier by weighing the characteristics of each tool and considering how they will benefit the unique condition, texture and styling needs of your hair.

Other tips:

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Common Wedding Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

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Every girl dreams of a fairytale wedding; playing the adored princess and her fiance taking the role of her charming prince. Well, the temptation to add in a few characters to the facade when the groom to be goes on one knee comes natural to us. If you already have a mental picture of the first kiss happening in castle, it would do you good to revise the idea of an ideal wedding. Here are some of the common mistakes to avoid so that the actual wedding becomes its own real life fairytale.

The Guest List

After getting proposed to, it is always tempting to tell the whole world the great news. At the very beginning, it would be prudent to hold your horses no matter how much excitement you feel. The process of deciding your wedding party is more complicated than that. This is because you first need a booked venue to then decide how many people can be accommodated by the grounds. If you decide to invite before making the booking, it might turn out to be a budgetary blunder with unnecessary excesses and a logistical nightmare. You can however tell the good news to your family and very close friends- at least those you’re sure will attend the wedding.

The dress choice

When the D day is almost approaching, every bride puts in a lot of effort in finding the right dress- princess deserving. You will get a lot of advice on which dress, perhaps seems to suit the occasion from your mother and friends. Such contribution is actually very important, but when you let the pressure get to you, the task might seem harder than it should be. The bottom line should be the dress you admire, the one that you think will give you the princess confidence. Perhaps you can also consider how your husband to be likes dresses on you when making the choice.

The event

Your wedding will be remembered years to come. The question is how will your guests remember it. Though it can be hard work, the event should be colorful, comfortable and enjoyable for everyone. Try to factor enjoyability of your guests during planning.

Your happiness

Since it is potentially going to be your best day ever, make sure you plan to your own satisfaction.

The Prince

Do not completely hijack the ceremony. Ensure that Prince charming also gets to enjoy the day by factoring in what he likes every now and then.

Big Day Dresses You’ll Actually WANT To Wear

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A woman’s wedding day is the single most important day of her life and choosing the perfect dress is a part of that process. Eva Franco has created the Eva for Loverly collection which has some of the most exciting and versatile dresses, jumpsuits, and crop tops to make any bridesmaid look simply stunning. Whether the bride is choosing a rustic or colorful wedding with traditional lace themes or heavier jacquard fabrics Eva Franco has designed something for everyone. In today’s Hipster styles pantsuits and crop tops are becoming wedding essentials. Done away with are the traditional colors and styles, colors now range from sage to navy. The Loverly collection allows each bride to design her perfect wedding look and the bridesmaids to have an essential formal or semi-formal piece that will be perfect for other social settings.

The eight pieces from the collection are all unique and timeless in their style. The collection is made up of the Sienna Dress, Maura Jumpsuit, Auriela Dress, The Jax and Paloma Set, The Lola , The Lily and The Lucca dresses. Each outfit is purposefully designed to allow the bridesmaid to wear their outfit over and over again in many different social settings.

The Sienna dress is Cobalt blue lace over a fitted bodice and flared skirt. This dress is perfect for any style wedding. The Maura Jumpsuit with its halter top and belt tie are perfect for any casual wedding and is reusable for any social setting after the wedding. The collection also brings a rose silk X-neck back dress that is perfect for any teenager in the wedding party. The dress is whimsical and fun, bringing with it a footless and fancy free style.

The Auriela is a sexy, sophisticated elegant strapless dress with a sweetheart neckline. The bodice is covered in a Cobalt Blue Apache Lace and A line skirt has front pockets giving it a timeless though contemporary feel perfect for any occasion. The Jax and Paloma Set is a cream colored jacquard crop top and A line skirt set that is perfect for any garden party or spring wedding. The Lola is reminiscent of the 1920s style flapper dress with its tassels that hang from the hem and cap sleeves. The lavender Sheath dress is covered by a white thistle lace which makes it the perfect accent to any Scottish themed wedding. This dress is perfect for a spring wedding and is timeless in its elegance.

The Lily dress is the ultimate look of sophistication which its white sheath dress covered by an Ivory lace pullover which resembles the type of crocheting any grandmother would be proud to claim as her own. The hem has seashell scalloped edges which sit right above the knee giving it an added touch of sophistication. The Lucca Dress has a fitted bodice and flared skirt that is flattering to most figures. The dress is covered by a textured lace that makes it the perfect ensemble for a garden wedding.

5 Beautiful Bridal Braids to Rock on Your Big Day

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The dress has been picked and the make-up colors have been chosen, but what a hairstyle? The bride’s hair will help to pull her wedding outfit together. One of the hottest hairstyle trends right now is braids. Everyone from celebrities to school girls are sporting braids. One of the main reasons that braids are popular is that they are suitable for all hair types. Here are five different types of braids that would be perfect for any bride.

The princess braid

The princess braid, otherwise known as the braid-wrapped high bun, is perfect for the princess bride. The princess braid adds a little more appeal to the high bun and is easy to create. Separate the hair into three sections. Take the middle section and create the bun. Braid the remaining two sections and wrap them around the bun and secure into place. With this hair style, it will be easy for the bride to add a tiara to complete the look.

The fishtail braid

This braid gets its name from a fish because when completed, it resembles the tail section of a fish. This is a simple but elegant way for a bride to wear her hair. This braid provides the bride with many options. The braid can be worn on either side or straight down the back. The hardest part of this braid is getting it started, but after that, it is just like a French braid.

The waterfall braid

This braid is also named for its appearance. One of the great features of this braid is that long hair is not necessary. To make this braid, take a two inch section close to the part and start a traditional braid. Continuing to braiding for a couple of inches. At this point, grab a strand of hair and bring it through the braid and drop it. This is what creates the waterfall effect.

The braided chignon

The braided chignon is one of the most versatile braids. A bride can make it look sleek and elegant, or she can go with a soft and romantic look. This hairstyle can also be completed by using a fishtail braid instead of the traditional braid.

The half-up crown braid

This will create a soft, romantic look for the bride. The half-up crown is one of the easiest braided hairstyle to complete. Anyone who can braid can do this style. Flowers or other hair ornaments can easily be incorporated into this hairstyle.

Top Rotating Hot Air Brushs On The Market

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Best Rotating Hot Air BrushsWith so many rotating hot air brushes to choose from, you should decide which features matter most and then try to find the best match for yourself.

The John Frieda Hot Air Brush is a good choice if you want a titanium coating and a cool shot in addition to having two heat settings. Enhanced air control helps you style exactly as you want. This hot air brush has 1″ and 1-1/2″ sizes that create soft, pretty curls and loose waves. Advanced ionic technology provides 50% more ions for shiny and smooth hair. The cord also swivels for easier use.

If you want 100% more ions for shiny hair, lots of volume and less frizz, then you should choose the Infiniti Pro by Conair Spin Air Rotating Styler. This hot air brush also provides ionic conditioning to smooth your hair. The brush spins forwards or backwards on either of the heat settings making drying and styling easy. There is also a cool shot that allows you to set your style. This hot air brush has a filter to extend the unit’s life and anti static bristles for easier styling.

The Vidal Sasson VS433C Tangle-Free Hot Air Brush Styler and Dryer is a no nonsense hot air brush in a one inch size. It has 250 watts of power, tangle free flexible bristles and two heat settings with a cool tip. The barrel switch can be locked to hold hair in place and unlocked when you are done styling each section.

If you want plenty of options for heat settings, you will find this with the Conair Instant Heat Hot Brush. It has a whopping 25 heat settings with turbo heat boost to maintain the proper temperature and dual voltage allows you to use it almost anywhere in the world. This unit heats up in 60 seconds and has an auto off feature as well as ball tipped bristles that gently glide through your hair.

A hot air brush that is good for all hair types is the Salon Edition Hot Air Brush. It has flexible bristles, a soft grip handle, two heat settings and a locking barrel switch for easy styling. The vented barrel rotates and this brush has 250 watts of power for easy drying and styling.

To make the best choice, look for rotating hot air brushes that work with your hair type and have the features you need to create the style you want.